Fighters Training
Kru Dip has been training fighters for nearly 15 years. Currently, he has a growing group of amateur fighters.

Fighter training is for those fighters who want to take their training more seriously with daily training. To reach your full potential, you need dedication within yourself, but also the best instruction and attention. Kru Dip has been involved with Muay Thai for over 20 years in all facets, and can provide you with the highest calibre of training in Australia.

Jamping knee


Dip vs Yoshi (5 Rings Dojo) on J.N.I. show in 2005

DIP Seanchai JWP

Saenchai, John Wayne Parr and Kru Dip

For more information on fighter training, contact Kru Dip:


Phone: +61 04 50909 347

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